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Living corporate culture as an opportunity for changing values, globalisation and digitalisation!

Entrepreneurs and employees are facing increasingly rapid changes in the world of work, which ultimately also influence corporate culture. This is because it is being questioned transparently and critically, too. 

Learning from practice - for sustainable development 

The idea of the BPW eClub Congress is to establish an exchange between speakers and participants on current topics.

Target group 

The congress is a cross-industry meeting place for participants from business, politics and society. Employees, managers, entrepreneurs and representatives from non-profit, commercial and public sectors meet at this congress.

Design principle

The congress contributes to the transfer of know-how by taking up relevant experiences and approaches from economy, politics and society. In plenary lectures and forums, the congress presents a mixture of current topics, proven strategies and innovative projects. Participants are invited to contribute their experience and know-how to the discussion.

Leadership shapes generation change - digitalisation - cultural change

The time of continuous change is over; a time of upheaval has begun. Generation change, digitalisation and cultural change are putting companies to the test: the working world remains dynamic; traditional business models and structures are facing transformation processes. Disruptive developments are replacing familiar phases of renewal. Drivers for this are cultural change by, for example, generations Y and Z, who are entering the labour market with new values and ideas. On the other hand, increasing digitalisation, which is changing jobs, processes and control options to a large extent. Social change inevitably leads to cultural change in companies.

"What do I expect from a modern corporate culture?"

is therefore the central question for the generational dialogue at the 1st Congress of the BPW eClub.



BPW eClub Mandy Hindenburg

Mandy Hindenburg

Founder & President BPW eClub

hindenburg (at) bpw-eclub.de
BPW eClub Daniela Noever

Daniela Noever

Co-Founder & Vice President BPW eClub

noever (at) bpw-eclub.de
BPW eClub Cynthia Schmidt

Cynthia Schmidt

Co-Founder & Finance Board BPW eClub 

schmidt (at) bpw-eclub.de



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