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Are you about to take your next career step or are you still at the very beginning? Are you planning a career change and would like to benefit from female experts? 

Then get to know the proven BPW mentoring programme, which has already accompanied many women on their way to great goals. In our local clubs and in our international network, successful mentors are looking forward to passing on their know-how, accumulated over many years, to the next generation and to learning from you and your experience. 

Topics for mentoring can be: Career choice, compatibility of family and career, earnings, development opportunities within one's own professional field, management tasks, change, visibility, empowerment and much more. 

BPW sees mentoring as a learning process of both individuals - the mentor and the mentee, a tandem that moves together in a predefined direction. The mentee sits in the front and pedals, the mentor cycles along and whispers to her from offstage. 

What is mentoring actually?

Mentoring is a relationship based on partnership and trust between a woman with experience in a professional field (mentor) and a woman who wants to learn and benefit from this experience and is looking for it in a targeted way (mentee). Mentoring is valued for its individual solutions and strengthens the mentee's self-confidence even with little effort.

Our mentors

are committed women in the BPW network who are willing to pass on their experiences of their own professional careers. Our mentors are motivated to support other women in their development process. BPW offers an international network of motivated women who are at home in many sectors. They support women who are willing to learn to find their own path and to follow it successfully to the finish line - with benefits for both mentee and mentor.

Benefit for the mentor

Reflection on her career to date and recognition by the mentee also strengthen the mentor's self-confidence. At the same time her own network expands. Discovering and promoting a talent is fun! We invite interested women who would like to volunteer as mentors and who feel addressed by the principles and goals of the international women's network BPW.

Benefit for the mentee

It is aimed at women of all ages, whether they are newcomers to the profession or women in phases of professional reorientation, women planning the next step in their career, founders or women who want to find their personal work-life balance. How do I become a mentee? Are you interested in BPW mentoring? If you are already a BPW member, please contact your board. If not, please contact us via our contact form. The prerequisite for participation is BPW membership. You can also get more information by phone. The rules are clearly defined: the mentee formulates a problem or a professional goal. A mentor experienced in this field will help her over a period of six months to find a solution or achieve the defined goal.


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