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"Corporate culture as a success factor “

It is already apparent that the change in corporate culture is a building block for the success of a company.

More and more companies are currently looking at their own culture, especially the individual factors that influence corporate culture and the resulting changes in management culture.

The future viability of companies depends heavily on a strategic approach to values, openness and transparency.

In our Barcamp we want to take a closer look at these issues and contribute to putting corporate culture into the focus of specialists and managers. The factors that ensure the future viability of a company, the opportunities and the potential for change through the transformation of a corporate culture and the life of the culture by the employees should be in the foreground.

The aim of this one-day workshop format is for each participant to gain a deeper understanding of the factors that make up a successful corporate culture. We want to be creative together, learn through best practice examples, brainstorm and exchange ideas so that after the workshop the first results can be implemented.

The event is an open conference with open workshops, the content and sequence of which will be developed by the participants themselves at the beginning of the conference and designed in the further course. The Barcamp serves the exchange of content and discussion.

Therefore, if you bring in your own topic, you can already take concrete results with you at the end of the event and benefit from the exchange with many specialists.

Specialists from various fields are among the participants to contribute suggestions, impulses or concrete approaches. They are familiar with various models, have HR experience or have implemented a cultural change in their teams as managers.

Benefit from the experts present and contribute your expertise. 

We offer you the perfect conditions to get to know and develop the Barcamp method as an exchange of ideas as a company, as an institution, as a manager, as a specialist or as a trainee!

We look forward to your participation, your topics and your experiences. Get involved with your topic and get involved in an interesting discussion.



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